Player Registration


  • TEAM AFFILIATION: To register, you must already be affiliated with a team. You must have already contacted a team coordinator and be "approved" by that team to register with them. Coordinators will review their rosters after registration and any "unknown" players will be dropped from the roster. If you are currently looking to join a team, please fill out the New Player Form on the Contact Us page.
  • REGISTRATION: Online league registration for this season is $65 per person. Each season lasts approximately 8 weeks. The league MUST receive your registration fee before you can participate. There are no discounted fees for players registering late in the season. 
  • REGISTRATION POLICY: You must be registered prior to playing any games. Registration deadline to play each Sunday is the Friday before by 9pm. Should a player register Sunday morning, they have to wait until the following week to play unless approved by both team capitans, the league president, and registrar. Teams who allow unregistered or unapproved players to participate without approval will be given a forfeit.
  • DEADLINE: Registration closes after 5 weeks of regular season play.
  • ONLINE SECURITY: The online registration service is provided through The registration is provided through a secure server to assure confidentiality and security for your credit card information. Registering online requires the use of your Visa, Visa check card, Mastercard, or PayPal account.
  • NO REFUNDS: League policy states that no refunds are given once payment has been made.
  • QUESTIONS: Please contact our registrar, Cassey Wesnofske (, if you have any questions or comments about online registration.
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR REGISTERING: Select your team from the drop-down list below. Once your team has been selected, Click the Pay Now button to proceed to PayPal. You will then be taken to the NAWSA PayPal screen, where you can login to pay with your PayPal account or elect to pay with a credit or debit card. It is not necessary to create a PayPal account to register. Prior to proceeding with registration, please be sure the correct team name appears below the description box

Player Registration is available through May 1, 2018.  Click Here to get signed up.